January 30

Not all Web 2.0 creation sites are the same

Whether you want to create a blog, a podcast, a website, etc there are a plethora of sites which are free and enable you to create the web content (Web 2.0 makes us all creators as opposed to passive readers of content on the web.) Which site or app you choose to create your content with comes down to a few things:

1. What you want your content to be able to do, simple or all the bells and whistles
2. How much control over the advertising you have, can you ask for no advertising?
3. Is it to promote a school event/class. Will viewers or posts involve people under 13?
4. Is it to promote a school?
5. Will your “brand” be affected by advertising content? Starting to get to the nitty gritty now….

The majority of free options will give you the basics, however, they need to make their money somehow, and so there will be advertising, or watermarks which will appear on your content unless you pay or upgrade to have them removed.
You may be happy with this, after all, they are providing you a great service, you don’t have to worry about the coding and so on, and if you are using the content for personal use, where you and your friends who will view it are all over 13 the ads may be annoying, but not too much of an issue. It does become an issue when you have inappropriate or annoying advertisements when you are trying to sell your brand or service. How do you get around this? AND keep it free?
Many sites will offer education versions, some of these are great, offer all the same functions of the higher end versions, but with added security and level of privacy, really great for primary kids

Website creation:
Google Sites

Edublogs (also under the WordPress umbrella, campus edition with an education focus)
Global2 (another campus edition of WordPress, you have to be at a Victorian government school… although they will open up to most schools with discussion)
Blogger (Google)



These are just some of the many content creation sites available…. it is worth your while checking out which will best suit your purpose!

August 8

wiki stuff

I am hoping this will work. Thanks to the wonderful community at the Networks group on Edna I have found a sensational resource, which may help staff to understand some of the web 2.0 tools a bit more easily. It didn’t work posting it into Moodle… and the links didn’t work either (I think video is blocked through the college network…) so I will try this, it looks like it may work…. I guess I will find out after I post it and try to link to this one…

This is the awesome site


and here… fingers crossed is the video

Video thumbnail. Click to play
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July 15

Where did they go?

Two weeks, you would have thought I could have found some time to get on here… alas no… busy with life…. ahhh well I have updated some bits on the wikispaces


and have a bunch of ideas I will be exploring over the next few weeks, as well as implementing the ICT Peer Coaching Project and getting on with some more INTEL training.

I have redecorated in the hope we can view the site more easily from work.

June 28

End of term two…. update

Well….. another term bites the dust…. I haven’t heard anything from the people running the TPL as to where we should be at and how and why…. ahhh welll we carry on regardless….

This is the first time I have been able to log in from work for ages…. and I still can’t access the wikispaces site :(. That area should really be jumping… but by the time I get home I don’t have the energy to add anything to it….. jumping online over the holidays. I will have to hassle Trev and Sue to get some of what they have done onto it… as it is creating a great resource.

Moodle is really working well, there are many courses now being offered with a Moodle component, from Art to Humanities and Science, as well as the ICT based ones.

I have also explored some of the Cybernetrix stuff http://www.cybernetrix.com.au/ with my Web Design Group, and they loved it, and I think they even learned from it. It is a government site which gets students to play some online games (shhhh don’t tell anyone) and run through some online and mobile technology scenarios where they have to make decisions. We had a discussion forum set up to discuss aspects of online safety and ethics.

I participated in an online conference through Australian Flexible Learning while I was home sick, which was awesome…. covered some great ideas for ways of using elearning, including the use of Virtual worlds such as second life. That may be a bit beyond our scope at secondary level, and would need a lot more research, but a very cool idea.

Working with my Multimedia kids we explored some ways to create podcasts and vodcasts, and I am working through how to create them using Photostory… a great little piece of software. Camstudio also works well, but I keep making the files too big. The Photostory program lets you create media suitable for “SmartPhones” which leads me to my next thought about harnessing the hardware technology the kids have in their pockets to assist their learning. I know my Multimedia kids all had phones that could play the software, and are excited about making some stuff suitable to go on for viewing.

WEB 2.0 I am loving the flexibility of the tools… however, being hamstrung through lack of access, as many are blocked like flikr and youtube… which I can understand…. but it would be reat to be able to use some more…. I have been using iGoogle for my planning, but can’t access it from school…. however, I can access my protopage one – I was sorta hoping to just have one resource…

I also checked out motionbox, which is a new video posting kid on the block….and you can upload straight from your phone… and it’s o new it’s not blocked…. yet …LOL

Ohhh I also did a great little TXT project with my web design kids… they had fun and it was interesting to see the range of use of that form of language.

Next term I am working with two Year 9 Digital Art groups… I hope we can use some of the mobile technology, I will take some ideas from the yellow arrow project. I would envisage using photostory to create some portable web galleries of their work, that they can add to their phones or websites.

I hope to be able to post some links to some of the trials I am coming up with, particularly the fractal art gallery…. but that may have to wait til the holidays….