March 11

Autumn already

This year is speeding along already, and although I have been blogging, I have been a bit slack here…
exciting things in the pot… including being invited to be part of a group of schools to work with Stephen Heppell…. I would have loved to have been part of the team, but I need to share the knowledge, and get others out there trying new things, pushing boundaries. It will be fantastic to see how this project develops.
We have started to develop a GPS based Geocaching project with our year 9s which we have put in for an innovations grant…. fingers crossed on that one. We will be pursuing it regardless of the funding, will keep you posted..
Does anyone reading this use geocaching or GPS with students? any hints tips? I do geocaching myself… about to set my first cache hide… woo hoo, it is so much fun, and I am really excited to be able to get the kids hopefully excited. The team will be working with the Sandringham Historical Society to create some informative caches around the area.
eLearning around the college seems to be booming with many blogs and wikis and nings popping up all over the place. Sensational.
I am looking forward to the ACEC 2010 conference, and will be looking forward to getting some live blogging happening there… I will be presenting on the Redback Project, hope it goes well. Better make my conference program selection. There are some great VITTA sessions coming up too.
My VCAL ICT PD group have been using blogger to record their progress, we are getting there. Working on a number of tasks to create business cards, flyers and using some online web site creators. Next term we are looking at using a wiki to create an online portfolio to record their learning journey in all of their VCAL studies. Want to look at some mobile blogging with them.
Finally got around to adding an RSS feed and email subscription widget thingy. Hope it works…best to subscribe from the main page.