May 14

Getting Ready to Flip

Learning Objectives:

– At the end of the session participants will be able to identify elements of a flipped classroom
– Participants will be able to identify a range of tools which will enable you to prepare presentations in order to flip your classroom
– Participants will look at ways to share videos/apps and other information
– At the end of the Professional Development session participants will be aware of obstacles they may face – where/how to post videos etc, not all schools have the same LMS, some are even lacking this, what are the alternatives?

Participants will discuss Youtube and alternatives such as, creating their own websites, or copying onto CD/USB for sharing.

What is a Flipped Classroom?

alternatively click this link: What do you know about the Flipped Classroom?

What Tools do you know about which can assist in creating products/videos/tools for your students?

 How To?

How to Create Your Learning Tools?

Check out this video, which could be used as a starting point for machine awareness

Apps: Adobe Voice, Explain Everything, Adobe Premiere Clip, Pic Collage, Strip Designer

Software: Jing, Captivate, CamStudio, Presenter, Photoshop Elements, Premiere Elements, iMovie, MovieMaker

Jing Screen cast software


Zaption  Turn online videos into interactive learning experiences that engage students and deepen understanding.

Create an eBook using Google Slides

Adobe Slate: Animation How To

Adobe Voice

Adobe TV

The Khan Academy


Lessons Worth Sharing… take a tour


How to share the videos

Do you have a learning Management System (LMS) at your school?

What is it called?

Can you add files including video?

Can you add links to external websites?

Some other options include:

Google Classroom







End of session feedback: I am constantly trying to improve my presentations and would love if you could take some time to give me some feedback: FEEDBACK Getting Ready To Flip Digicon15

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