May 29

ICT and eLearning Feedback

Thank you for completing the ICT survey I put out a few weeks ago, here are the results.
At least 50% of staff are using ICT resources frequently in their classes – Yay, with only 2 respondent never using new and emerging technologies as a part of their teaching
People have requested they would like to know more about how to use the following tools in their classrooms:
Interactive White board
Digital video camera
Graphics tablet
iPod/MP3 player
Mobile phone
CD/DVD burner
Handheld game console (Nintendo DS/PSP)
Interactive Game console (Wii, Sony Playstation 3, XBox etc )
Staff have skills at various levels in a range of software applications, many are willing to share their expertise
Staff would like to know more about how to use the following tools in their classrooms
Blog (for your subject, not the College blog)
Other social network (MySpace/Facebook etc)
Google Docs
RSS or Diigo (Bookmarking)
MMS (multimedia message service)
SMS (short message service)
Teachers feel on the whole that students should know how to use the MS Office suite when they start in Year 7, and many teachers assume that students already know how to use Moodle.
Teachers expect students to know how to use email at year 7 and Moviemaker by Year 9.
The majority of respondents, interestingly, don’t teach explicit ICT tools/skills to their classes, apart from assorted maths software ie:
classpad, Mathmatica, Mathstype
1 response for Moodle, a few Photoshop and Garageband, Gamemaker, Wikispaces, Prezi and Animoto
Some expect students to teach themselves.
It will be interesting to see how the student results fit in with this.
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November 19

Weeding through some tools

This end of the year should be winding down, but somehow it always ends up being crazier than usual. Anyway, next Monday and Tuesday I am presenting at the VITTA conference, one session on Cool Web 2.0 tools and the other sharing the “Redback Project” engaging staff to explore some tools, and show them how they can actually make life easier. I always get a bit apprehensive when I present at something like the VITTA conference, because although I use all these tools, and I guess I have become a bit of an early adopter, and innovator in the classroom…. I am generally talking to IT teachers…  They know… stuff about computers… way more than me… anyway I generally go in over prepared, and nervous, and hope my point gets across….

The theme for this year’s conference is “Shift Happens: Technology alone will not save us”

The Redback one hopefully will be good, I hope it makes sense to other educators, and I know those of us who have already embedded so much of these we can forget what a challenge it is to get started with these tools, I think that is the kep point, keeping it all simple, taking little steps, and before they know it the participants have completed a range of tasks using Web 2.0 tools, and are starting to feel the confidence, and the desire to take them further.

Where do you start with the amazing range of tools available to us? I am going to take people through some of my favourites, and looking specifically at how they can be used in the classroom…

  • starting with blogs and wikis and moblogs
  • communication and sharing –, Diigo, Twitter and Clipmarks
  • Keeping track – RSS and Google tools
  • Social stuff – Ning
  • Other stuff… mobile technologies, fun stuff, and where to go to find things Go2Web2Go2Web2 Blog  and Killerstartups
  • Global Teacher

I only have an hour, and I think I will be racing to cover it all… so will put my thoughts, discussions, links on my Redback wiki, as some good starting off points for that as well.

New venue this year… so I think I get to go on the new freeway… Looking forward to it 🙂 I always get a heap of great ideas… and love being able to give back with some ideas of my own.

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January 14

The new year… and new challenges

2008… what a journey 2007 was. My role this year has slightly changed…. with more emphasis on staff ICT support…. should be interesting, since I only have one session extra time allowance, and very little has changed from my previous responsibilities….. ahhh the challenges… all good fun…

I am going to set out some plans and guidelines for the ICT peer coaching I hope to get done this year more formally…. my leave has been a good break…. and now I have to get my head back into the eLearning phase….

More new staff to meet, new roles for other people….so I have a lot of catching up to do when I get back… ughhhh less than two weeks…. but here I am…. starting on my blog for this year…. and looking over the wiki again… to hopefully get that utilised more fully as a teaching aide for staff who need that extra push/support to get onboard.

I notice Moodle is still down… hopefully the techs can get that back online asap, so we can update courses etc. Still so much to explore… and make sure the infrastructure is working….so we can put all of this great knowledge into practice.

I would hope that with Tracey back onboard we may be able to develop and implement some better approaches to digital portfolios. Moodle has that facility….. it would be good to explore that further… particularly for the older students.

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