July 3

Task 2 App Design, my Bio App

I really enjoyed this project, I was particularly proud that I used my own template files, not the supplied ones and was able to personalise the task, including adding links and images.

It has been a while since I have used HTML and CSS, but I found the brackets interface really intuitive, and easy to pick up when I had missed a semi colon or bracket etc. It was comforting how the code brain started to come back to me… I don’t use it much…LOL. I found the centering of the image i added was a bit of a challenge, even searching and trying the align=”middle” bit didn’t seem to work so, I added the css in the top, as we did for the other image, and that worked.

Interesting! was not making a separate html page for each page of information…

I am hoping to be able to use this with my students, later this term, we will be creating apps I hope… I have done web apps with students before, but not coded ones, so this will be interesting, and there will need to be a bit of differentiation as well for some of those not quite at the coding level. Questions “will it work in a school environment”? with blocks everywhere. The App itself could be quite useful as an “intro” card/business card.

The jQuery mobile site had heaps of features I look forward to exploring more.

Hope you enjoy

My Biography App from Suzanne Arnott on Vimeo.

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