July 3

Adobe T4T Live Session 2

This week as always the groups were shifted a little… numbers were down with the mid year break in Australia and a long weekend for the July 4th celebrations in the US – Happy 4th of July guys!

This week in our break out group we had Jill, Rusty, Rene, Lio and Manop and me… we seemed to have others pop in and out, and my connection wasn’t brilliant today either… still no voice, although it is coming back slowly. Everyone had really interesting backgrounds, and great ideas to bring to the table…. so if you are wanting to join us it’s not too late!! The Live sessions are not mandatory, but are lots of fun as you get to share ideas and build your professional learning network with voices and pictures as well as text ūüôā

a) Creativity in Education
What is your definition of creativity?
Rene came up with a really great definition of creativity: “My definition of creativity is about letting your mind wander and use your imagination to either think of novelties that could created or using your imagination to think of how to improve a something that already does exist. However, with that in mind, if it’s a specific product that a user will interface with you have to make sure it’s something that will be useful and something people will want to use. You have to also think of UX (User Design) experience. You don’t want to create a product, website, app, or anything that is difficult for the user to figure out how to use…otherwise they won’t use it. You want it simple, but piques a lot of people’s interests.Creativity is a new way of thinking of how already existing products can be used in a different way.”
My thoughts:¬†creativity is coming up with an idea or concept that is new for you and I agree that it doesn’t have to be unique… someone else could have the same problem to solve. Take for example the development of photography… quite a few people were coming up with different ways to solve the “problem” of creating a permanent image taken of a real situation. Many different ways were actually developed, and what we use today actually blends many of the ideas. It all linked into other technological developments as well.
Lio’s thoughts:¬†“finding a different way to create or do something…”

We had some great discussions on this, and it clearly gets everyone thinking creatively as well!

Robinson defines creativity as the process of having original ideas that have value.
What do you think of his definition? What defines an original idea?

Jill and others in the group discussed this having issues with the second part, what is the definition of “original thought or idea”? It could be the first time a kid has thought of it, or a person thinks of something on one side of the world, and someone else also has the same problem to solve and comes up with an idea, is it any less valuable because someone else has already thought of it, even though you didn’t know?

It could also be expanding on something to make it fit… or solve a problem, which once again makes it valuable. So the value is in the user/idea developer.

b) Product Training Activities: Acrobat
What was your reaction to Acrobat edit PDF tutorial and the review and comment on PDF tutorial?
It is going to make life so easy – all files and software file types work together.

I am looking forward to getting the CC version, still working on AcrobatX

c) Professional Development Design: Adult Learning
What are your best practices in technology training ?
– giving them tools and examples to help them follow through
– Finding out where people are at… what skills they already have
– start with intro, make intentions for the session clear
– making all the tasks question form works really well
– have to work with the group/find out what their expectations are.
– sometimes more confident to write a question than actually say it… either on paper or on a digital form.

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