June 27

Product Training Activities – Intro to Acrobat

This week we looked at a range of support Adobe offers educators to make using their products, and training others to use them so much easier. What best practice tools and skills we use and shared with each other. And introduced Acrobat, the tool which allows your amazingly formatted document to look the same on any platform.

What challenges do you face when introducing Adobe tools to audiences of educators with no prior experience? What successes have you had?
All of the tools are so amazing and sooooooo huge I find the biggest challenge is to start small. I am having successes with teaching small groups of staff Adobe Photoshop at the moment, and they are really getting a lot out of it…
What’s your level of expertise with Acrobat?
I would have to say basic to intermediate. I have played with a few basic functions, but not regularly
If you’re familiar with Acrobat, what best practices can you share with your fellow course members?
Being able to create interactive documents, where participants can add their comments to a “live” document. You can also embed multimedia applications.
I “print” to Acrobat – PDF to allow documents to look the same regardless of what device they are looking on

I would showcase some exemplars, showing the amazing potential each of the products have to make a difference in their classroom, or professional or even personal lives, as an outlet for their own creativity, as well as an easier way to streamline tasks.
– What strategies and best practices for introducing Adobe tools to new learners do you incorporate in your professional development sessions?
Starting with small chunks of information. Most of the products are so big they can be daunting, small achievable steps will give new users the confidence to explore further. Then sharing spaces such as EdEx and YouTube, Adobe.TV and Lynda.com to support their continued learning.
– Do you modify existing training materials to meet the needs of educators? If so, how do you do approach this? What tips can you share?
Always modifying to best suit the target audience. Training can be affected by timing and the people involved. 
Find out who the audience will be prior to delivery if possible, what their background with the tools. Also find out how long you have.
In that way you know if you are starting with raw beginners or more experienced users, and will not bore them with the basics, or baffle them with complexity depending on the audience. 
You will also be aware of being able to work out which aspects to leave out, or to be able to send them to specific sites for further information if time is too limited.
– What was your biggest takeaway from this week’s Product Training Activities section? 
Some excellent Visual Learner resources. The new look Acrobat… can’t wait to try it
– Which of the strategies and resources from this week’s Product Training Activities section will you most likely use in your professional practice? Why?
Making sure to showcase product strengths and capabilities… something I do, but can always work to improve further.
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