April 6

Painting with Light

I have played with light in my SLR… and onto DSLR for many years, I have set long exposure tasks for my students in the 20 plus years I have taught photography, and seen some fantastic images created in the darkroom as well as on the computer. Some of the creativity when students “get” the whole time exposure thing, writing in the dark, waiting to see IF the film developed, then tweaking in the darkroom with more light painting..So I took this as a challenge to try something very new… and create these images using my phone, and Photoshop.

Once again my passion has been ignited, I downloaded the “Long Exposure 2” App for Android (I have a Sony Xperia because I love the image quality in these phones) grabbed some torches, sparklers, lighters, bulldog clips (high tech tripod) and did some light painting. Took many happy with a few. Inside and outside, portraits, selfies and landscapes!

Multiple exposure created with time

Multiple exposure created with time



In my local park we have some ancient River Redgums… enormous, and some over 200-300 years old. I took a time exposure and a “Light Trace” exposure, loved the painterly quality it gave the images.

screenlayer slowexpoPic_2015_4_2_19_25_8

So opened up a few in Photoshop, tried layering, and playing with the layer settings, I remembered that to create a transparent yet vibrant layer with lightning I had to change the layer setting to “Screen” and voila… very happy with the result.. I created the words using a fire stick/lighter in a dark room using the B (Bulb – which keeps the lens open until you close it) setting, and the Light Trace setting with the tree. Combined them in Photoshop. I created a few images I am pretty happy with!treelove

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