February 17

I support creativity in the classroom

Adobe is fostering the development of more creative classrooms through some exciting curriculum as well as providing the tools to easily enable creativity. Week 3’s look at creativity and Adobe has inspired me further… getting my juices flowing and looking to create even more exciting and creative classrooms.

Have you been able to foster creativity in your role as an education trainer of Adobe tools? If so, how? If not, why not?

The products allow students to travel at their own pace… over the years I have had many who come in excited about new tutorials they have discovered, and new brushes and techniques… certainly never limited by what is in the box.
  • Research shows that creativity is vital to success in the 21st century economy, but the education system often stifles it rather than fostering and nurturing it.
  • This is why Adobe is investing in education through: their professional software tools and services, curriculum and certification to help students unleash their creativity, and professional learning experiences for educators.

We need to join the movement, #CreateEdu by joining the Adobe education exchange, Learn new skills and get creative tools. Explore creativity in Today’s classroom through online self paced courses.





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Posted February 17, 2015 by Suz Arnott in category AdobeT4T

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