July 16

Creating a web app

It’s cold and wet, perfect for sitting at home and getting computer things done… but many of the college remote sites are down, so you can’t set up Moodle… what to do???? How about creating your own app? Seriously…. If I can do it anyone can. There are a heap of programs out there, but a simple one which allows you to build a web app (which means you don’t have the red tape of the App Store hoops) and can be modified as you go… is iBuildapp.com I have created an app for my courses, which parents and prospective students will be able to access on their phones. I have included information on my courses, a gallery of work examples, links to VCAA details and contact information to view it use your QR code scanner on your mobile phone

Use a barcode or QR scanner and the app will load to your phone

Or on your phone go to http://ibuildapp.com/web-Textiles+at+Sandringham

It is a mobile web app, so won’t work on the computer… Would be great to have a few staff creating them for the upcoming subject selections… if you want to try I will run an afternoon session early in Term 3.

Also those of you with iPads… seriously need to get your hands on Portfolio and Easy Assessment… both by Jarrod Robinson, a secondary PE teacher in Boort (country Victoria) They are brilliant… and what I will be basing my mid semester interviews on… He has also created a range of apps for VCE PE and sports, well worth a look for those teaching those areas… More hints and tips on the iPad blog soon… ohhhhh with tons of augmented reality ideas too

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