June 22

Getting started with iPads

Well, I have had my hands on an iPad for a term now, and thought I would share some of the hints and tricks and resources I have discovererd…. Some of you will have been playing with your iPad for a lot longer, and may already know all of what I am about to share…but if you could add any thoughts or hints and tips to the comments that would be awesome.

Getting started : First thing is to set up your email

Click on the “Cog” icon (Settings). Scroll down to “Mail, Contacts and Calendars”.

Add Account > fill in your details… If you need help with the details see your friendly tech.

You can also add any of your other email accounts, your home ISP account (Netspace, Optus etc) or webmail accounts such as Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoomail etc

From your settings zone you can personalise your iPad, adding images and details.

You will need to create an iTunes account – this should be a separate one from your personal account, although you can run two accounts on the one device. If you need an iTunes card, buy it through your classroom budget, keep an ear out for those discount weekends at JBHI and Coles etc. It is easiest to set up your account on a computer, which you can back up your apps etc.

Add the details for your account to the Store icon in the Settings menu, and you are ready to go and get apps. You don’t have to have any money on your iTunes account to download free apps.

In the settings area, go down to store and add your account details. You are now ready to browse the thousands of apps available.

App is short for application, and it is a little program which allows you to do a set series of tasks. There are some brilliant and productive ones out there… also some shockers…. so read through the feedback before purchasing.

Some shortcuts:

  • double clicking on the Home button (the circle at one end of the screen) will get you to the most recently used apps. They will appearalong the bottom of the screen.
  • holding the home button and the on/off button will take a screen capture, great for students to be able to show you quickly what they have done
  • There are a range of screen hand gestures, which can be edited in the settings menu
  • To create a Home Screen button, such as a direct link to roll marking, Moodle the Ultranet or Daymap, simply open it in Safari, then click the arrow icon to the left of the address bar. Add to Home Screen will create an icon which you can easily use to head to those most used sites without having to look up bookmarks etc.
  • Along the bottom of your screen are the quick links to move an icon here, press your finger on the icon until the wobbly x’s appear. Carefully drag the icon you wish to include in your quick links to the base of the page. Release the icon, and unslect everything by pressing the home button.

Below is a handy quick start guide… Please post any questions or comments, and I will try to answer them.

DEECD Quick start guide to using the iPad

iPad_Quick_Start_Guide_DEECD.pdf Download this file

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