May 29

ICT and eLearning Feedback

Thank you for completing the ICT survey I put out a few weeks ago, here are the results.
At least 50% of staff are using ICT resources frequently in their classes – Yay, with only 2 respondent never using new and emerging technologies as a part of their teaching
People have requested they would like to know more about how to use the following tools in their classrooms:
Interactive White board
Digital video camera
Graphics tablet
iPod/MP3 player
Mobile phone
CD/DVD burner
Handheld game console (Nintendo DS/PSP)
Interactive Game console (Wii, Sony Playstation 3, XBox etc )
Staff have skills at various levels in a range of software applications, many are willing to share their expertise
Staff would like to know more about how to use the following tools in their classrooms
Blog (for your subject, not the College blog)
Other social network (MySpace/Facebook etc)
Google Docs
RSS or Diigo (Bookmarking)
MMS (multimedia message service)
SMS (short message service)
Teachers feel on the whole that students should know how to use the MS Office suite when they start in Year 7, and many teachers assume that students already know how to use Moodle.
Teachers expect students to know how to use email at year 7 and Moviemaker by Year 9.
The majority of respondents, interestingly, don’t teach explicit ICT tools/skills to their classes, apart from assorted maths software ie:
classpad, Mathmatica, Mathstype
1 response for Moodle, a few Photoshop and Garageband, Gamemaker, Wikispaces, Prezi and Animoto
Some expect students to teach themselves.
It will be interesting to see how the student results fit in with this.
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