April 27

Are you free on……..?

Catching busy people for a face to face meeting can be a real challenge, email and phone ping pong can be frustrating, and then you just put it in the too hard basket. There is a solution, but it does involve you using your calendar effectively.

There are a couple of online programs which can help you to schedule meetings, or share your availability with others… either in a local group or much wider, depending on who you share your information with. Tungle  and Timebridge work seamlessly with Outlook or Google calendar to allow you to share your availability with your audience. You copy a link and send people directly to the times you are available, where they can “book in” a meeting.

Using just Outlook you can achieve a similar result, by being able to look at your contacts availability.

By filling out your calendar with each class, yard duty, regular meetings etc you give others the opportunity to see when you are available and schedule a meeting with you.

To access your calendar open Outlook and on the left of the screen you will see your mail boxes, and a list of other options, including “Calendar”

To create a new Meeting click on “New Item” and select “Appointment, then fill in the required details

To avoid the email ping pong, and get the best time you can click on your contact to get their available times (provided of course they have filled in their calendar see below)

When you click on the “Schedule a Meeting: link on the contact card you will get information on each person you have invited to the meeting – as to when they are available or busy.

So I hope this clarifies and simplifies meetings on Outlook. There are no doubt many ways to set up meetings online, but I have found this to be effective for me. So the tasks for you now are to set up your calendar, blocking out your busy times (teaching, yard duty or meetings already scheduled) and start booking your meetings through Outlook. Questions? Thoughts? would love some feedback.


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Posted April 27, 2012 by Suz Arnott in category Best Practice, cool tools, eLearning

2 thoughts on “Are you free on……..?

  1. Cathie

    Had a go putting in my schedule but it will take me some time to re- learn. I used to use this 12 years ago in private industry to book group meetings!

    1. starnott (Post author)

      It’s amazing the tools we use, and then forget about… good luck with getting your calendar organised…. I have put everything online, and my phone talks to my puter, and they both nag me to be more organised…. I love it


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