October 28

This week in eLearning

Phew… the end of another manic week, and it just doesn’t stop.
We had an interesting session on Tuesday for the Tech Tasters with Pat McGarry inspiring us as to what we can achieve, not only with iPads, but a range of 1:1 technology.
Full details are on the iPad project blog here
With some links to amazing resources.
The Year 7 iPad trial has begun at Beaui with 7W and we have had sessions in basics – Thanks Dave – and some Digital Citizenship and safety. If you would like to see what the kids get up to as they explore these devices check out our blog

We are quickly heading towards our ratio of 1:1 devices from Years 9 – 12, and by the end of the year there will be over 500 new devices across the 3 campuses, so needless to say the technicians are very busy setting them all up. They have also upgraded the wireless network installing new Wireless Access Points (WAPs) across the college, which should see an improvement in connectivity. If you know of a dead spot lease let me know and I will pass this on to the techs to try to improve it.

Please make sure you check each notebook, netbook etc before and after use by your students so we can check any damage, and follow up immediately. Try to get into the habit of each student using the same device, this will make it faster to log on, as well as assisting follow up of damage. Keep a list of who uses which – I have a template which I can send out if needed.

Make sure you check out the new Edustar software on these devices, and on the new teacher notebooks. There is Photoshop Elements and Premiere Elements, which means all students have access to these powerful tools. Take some time and check out the other stuff… and ask if you would like a specific software PD , either individually, small group/domain based or whole school/campus.

Edumail is still a pain for many people – if you are still having issues (or know of someone having issues, as they can’t get this mail) let Wayne know as he is dealing with the department.

Thank you once again to Sharon and Ingrid for providing some great eLearning PD this week. Ben has offered to run PD for anyone interested in developing a wiki or Facebook group for their students. Let him know if you are interested, and he will work out a date and time.

I am looking for interested people who would like to participate in a trial of eLearning Peer Coaches, email me an expression of interest… no special skills required.

Our eLearning Vision, as decided by you
Sandringham College provides access to an innovative curriculum which connects and engages learners every hour of every day.

The wordle (http://www.wordle.net/) your feedback on the College vision generated is the banner on this blog.

A Question for you to think about this week…. Are we as educators really using the technology available to transform learning…. Or enhance it?

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