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Problem based learning

An overview of resources exploring a problem or inquiry based learning approach

RT @ASCD: How teamwork and creativity can support the challenging processes of planning and implementing problem-based learning: http://t.co/N1yPMzPj
September 30, 2011
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September 30, 2011
UD PBL: Problem-Based Learning

An instructional method that challenges students to " learn to learn ," working cooperatively in groups to seek solutions to real world problems . These problems …
Problem-based learning

Problem-based learning (PBL) is an exciting alternativeto traditional classroom learning. With PBL, your teacher presents you with a problem, not lectures or assignments or exercises.Since you are not handed "content", your learning becomes active in the sense that you discover and work with content that you determine to be necessary to solve the problem.
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October 1, 2011
Introducing a problem-based learning program: 12 tips for success. http://t.co/dT7TKeQF #usmle
September 30, 2011

PBL was pioneered in the health sciences at McMaster University in the late 1960’s and subsequently it has been adopted by other medical school programs (Barrows, 1996) and also been adapted for undergraduate instruction (Boud and Feletti, 1997; Duch et al., 2001; Amador et al., 2006). The use of PBL, like other student-centered pedagogies, has been motivated by recognition of the failures of traditional instruction (Wingspread, 1994; Boyer, 1998) and the emergence of deeper understandings of how people learn (National Research Council, 2000). Unlike traditional instruction, PBL actively engages the student in constructing knowledge in their own mind by themselves, and thus addresses many of deficits of traditional classroom where knowledge is expounded by an instructor.

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