November 10

I’m back

I am just wiping 2010 off … after the ACEC conference things moved along very quickly…. Looking to a brighter 2011, with more posting and blogging…and getting to more online and face to face conferences etc. I have been back at work for a week, after 6 months out of action, and boy it doesn’t take long for a digital footprint to shrink!!! It was heartening to see the Redback Project has notched up over 1000 visitors over the past 12 months 🙂

Feeling out of the loop as an Ultranet Lead User, it was good to be on deck for the second release training. I have been spending some time setting up Learning Tasks, however, we won’t have students added to the Ultranet until next year (as all of our senior classes are specialist/electives and not home group based) it can be a bit frustrating. The feedback on Twitter is others are feeling the same way.
We are having a Head Start program, starting the year 11s off with their Year 12 classes, it would have been great to spend some of that time adding students, and getting them familliar with the Ultranet, so we can get straight into content next year. So… I am setting up the class spaces on Moodle and my Design tech wiki as well. My Teaching area is textiles – VCE Design Technology and VET Fashion. Yes doing the same thing on 3 different sites, but from experience I know it it better to err on the side of caution with technology, and always have a backup plan!!!

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