February 23

The eLearning journey continues

Yet again, all my best intentions of posting regularly over the break vanished, and here we are nearly halfway through term 1 and only just sitting down to write a post.

There has been a lot of planning going on, my new role as eLearning Leader, new classes, new people, new situation. I have been given a nearly blank canvas, so I want to make sure there are not too many hiccups along the way, to ensure a postive embracing of some 21st century tools. I know from experience how messy it can get with a hotch potch approach, so I want to keep things as streamlined and un cluttered as possible in my approach to bringing learning to a much wider college community.

I need to get back into reflecting and reviewing, looking at tools, and sharing them here.

In my new role, I have been working towards an initial trial of Moodle at my new school. Exploring what the facilities and access to eLearning tools are, what has been used, and where we can aim for. Already getting some NetBooks out into the classroom, to improve access in general classrooms. Some interesting discussions on how we can/should spend the upcoming Rudd money. Some interesting times ahead


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