October 11

The Power of linked accounts

I first began to understand the power of linked accounts when setting up my first blog. This is a personal blog, where I just rant about stuff… home stuff, kid stuff…. rant stuff, not linked to anything in particular, except me. A while after setting up my Blogger account, and intermittently using it (I am so bad at remembering passwords) Blogger changed to be linked in with Gmail… and I was given the option of moving my login details to be linked with my Gmail account – sweet… only had to remember one password for two places 🙂

Then along came iGoogle, a personalised homepage set up, with the ability to add funky widgets, calendars, etc. and the fun of setting up your own page.

With the google account I also had access to a tab called photos…. so I explored that, put Picasa onto my computers and had fun easily uploading and sharing images… my friends and family – near and far –  have seen my kids pics, the building of our new house, I have open galleries of my arty pics, as well as the private family ones… too easy.

I had been using the RSS feed built in to IE, but found I didn’t often use it, as I was often using Firefox… ahhh Google reader… I set up some of the feeds directly onto my iGoogle page, and others into my reader, so it didn’t matter if I was at home using Firefox, or at work using IE, on my laptop, or on the PC, or on one of the PCs at school, my RSS feeds were always with me.

I decided I had avoided YouTube long enough, and I should have a look around, and try it myself…. after all the kids were posting stuff on there…. so on to create a YouTube account… Yay… you can just set up your YouTube account with your Gmail log in… bliss.

Google docs – online collaboration of documents – at first I wondered why… but then I started playing with it… great resource to develop papers for conferences, or discussion papers where a team are working on the same document – saves on emailling back and forth.

I have two gmail accounts, one for personal me, and one for educator me…and I love it…

When I got my internet enabled phone I found I could post images directly to my blog…. a quick log in, and they were linked to my blogger account.

So… with one login I have email, personalised homepage, blog, photo sharing, video sharing, RSS reader, document sharing, calendar and much much more. Gotta love that.

For the Redback project I thought I should also check out Flickr… thinking I needed another “account” I found out I could create a Flickr account with my Yahoo email account – okay so I had to reopen it as I haven’t used my yahoo account for ages, but that worked really well too.  And today I have found another “site” which is linked to Yahoo, MyBlogLog I am sure there will be many more…..

So, sometimes it is very handy to have an email account, which is not directly related to work, which one you decide on is up to you, and which features you are wanting to add….

Do others have accounts which they find valuable?

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4 thoughts on “The Power of linked accounts

  1. Heather Bailie

    I suspect that Google will take over the world and one reason is that they make it so easy for people to use their stuff. Once you have an account for something you’ve effectively got an account for everything. It’s too easy! And because it is, people will go there. I love Google. My Google reader gadget on my iGoogle page has been the best thing in my personal learning journey of the past 6 months or so – it makes it so easy to keep up with educators from around the globe. I’m inspired and motivated every day. Gy the way, I don’t actually have a gmail!

  2. Suz Arnott

    Yes one of my friends uses her work email to do all the iGoogle stuff too…hmmm Google world takeover… I wonder where I can get some shares 😉
    I think some of the Power of Web 2.0 is indeed the fact it is so easy.

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