September 7

Web 2.0 Success

Just a quickie post…

Friday session 4 (we have 4 session days, so last thing Friday afternoon) class of 25 eager year 7s eager and enthusiastic, and so good as we worked through dramas last week with PBwiki being blocked… they all were able to get on this week, got straight into editing and personalising their ePortfolios.

Then we introduced the voki… weren’t sure if it would work… and it did… not blocked… and the kids loved it… we had skeletons, animals etc having a ball. The were not even perterbed when they couldn’t hear the sound they created, or the fact they couldn’t make a voki account because they were under 13 – many US sites are having that restriction because of their COPPA legislation about what information the young ones can put online. They created introductions, and were uploading them to their portfolios to be a “guide” for the viewer. Introductiosn, learning goals, etc.

They worked through tech issues with a minimum of fuss, and it was a beautiful site to see 25 kids totally engaged in the task which was set… not one student was off task… a challenge in any computer room I think, as they escape to games or emal whenever they can…

The Education channel had PBwiki blocked for some reason… but was unblocked within a day. Success all round 🙂

And week 2 of The Redback Project is up and ready to go

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Posted September 7, 2008 by Suz Arnott in category bloggingcorner08, cool tools

2 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Success

  1. Rach G

    I was just as fasinated by the grades enthusiasm and on task behaviours. They love the vokis, most spent all weekend playing around with this tool. How cool.

    The kids are so pumped about ICT lessons at the moment – they can’t wait to go further and try new things

    Thanks so much for your inspiration and help Suz


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