August 18

Kahootz 3

Today I was able to attend some professional development time learning about the new version of Kahootz. It has been a while since I have used it, so I was happy it was a beginner’s session. The dramas getting it on to my laptop was a different story. UGHHHHHHH The graphics driver is apparently not up to it… but I will try reinstalling again (3rd time’s a charm) I wish I understood the inside bits of the computer a bit more, but there is not much I can do.

The interface is much clearer, and I don’t know if it was just easy because I have used it before, but it seemed to flow quite well. There are lots of great extras, and all the gross noises …hehehe.

The best bit was the ability to export the movies, and to use moviemaker etc to create very cool blue screen/chromakey effects.

My eyes are over staring into a computer… break time.

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