July 27

ICT@EMC – where to now

I have been reading quite a few blogs recently on why staff don’t necessarily take up some of the great opportunities that are available to them. I came across Gary Stager‘s blog and was taken back to the awesome experiences I had at ELH in 2006. He was such an inspirational speaker, and yet some of the comments in his blog brought me back to earth… I shouldn’t be frustrated in the lack of uptake by staff, just find other ways to enlighten them. Which was when I remembered one of the engaging projects I had read about back then, 23 things, and I think now could be a good time to introduce it to staff.

I have tried to spread the word of the fun and potential of Web 2.0 through my actions, both in the classroom, and with notes in staff bulletins as well as my peer coaching. I was able to spend time while doing my TPL to explore these awesome tools, and clearly became an addict, but for the general teacher, this is just too much on top of what they are already doing. They often are more concerned about getting the content right for the kids they teach – pretty worthy ideals, and where do they find the time to find out about fun stuff when they are bogged down with day to day. There is never enough time. Even with me being there to act as a peer coach, people seem to be sticking to the basics of how to use this or that piece of software or hardware, rather than looking at more innovative challenges to really stretch them.

The 23 Things project was originally created by Public Library of Charlotte and Mecklenburg County in August 2006, to engage and inspire their library staff to use the 21st Century tools through a fun self discovery program. They are happy to have other people using this program under Creative Commons.

There is a wealth of ideas and information already there to start to develop my plan for implementing the ICT@EMC project (which is my working title), however, I will be changing some of the focus, and making it more relevant to areas we can access at school. Sites like blogger and Flikr are blocked, so I actually won’t even be able to check out their blog from school. Adding topics more relevant to EMC such as Moodle and online learning, Global classrooms, and the use of programs such as Kahootz.

It will be a huge challenge, but interestingly enough they started in August and finished in October, so I may even have a similar time line, perhaps finishing when rollover begins, and having some staff meeting time to celebrate success… I also have to check into the budget to see if we have funds available for meaningful prizes.
As well as that I was contacted by a parent who is the ICT coordinator at his school, as we are developing submissions for the governments computer funding, and through our discussions found he was also working on a way to engage and develop staff ICT skills.

I have set up a planning wiki which I will be using, hopefully with a team, to develop these ideas and make them happen.
Time to start developing these ideas into reality…. hehehe starting this week with a very cool ICT ABC I found….let’s make it fun 🙂

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