June 11

When things come together

What a busy week it has been since my last ramble… I have not had much time to scratch myself… since doing my podcast… and giving myself a cheer I have had a few other staff come along to ask how hard it is…. I need to sit down and do a few more, specifically to entice staff to use it. Coming up to exam time with our Year 12s, and it will be a great resource… I think I have hooked a few with the potential 🙂

So I think on that front the peer coaching, although at times informal, is working fairly positively. Hmmmmm rethinking the new name of the blog…. but will work on that.

I do love it when things come together… I have been a member of me.edu.au since it basically started, as I have been a member of a few edna groups, tonight (after finally getting home after 9.30) still brain racing I sat down to check some emails… wandered over to follow some links, got back to my me profile page and saw a link to add my feeds…. well I thought I would try… connect stuff together… and voila all of my feeds for my blog here, and my wiki have been added….I am starting to come to grips with RSS and I do like it…. I have even added some feeds on my phone internet 🙂

Well now I have some stuff being added to my me profile page, when I add stuff to my other online spaces…. how very cool….

time to start winding down..

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Posted June 11, 2008 by Suz Arnott in category cool tools

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