May 29

Crazy times

Time just keeps slipping away….. but finally I have got some fun stuff happening…. I have a great new bunch in year 10 Photo… and they are very up with doing the moblog thing…so I restarted my year 11 one as well…. we have some themes going on… feet for year 10, and green for year 11…. they are exploring the elements of design…. The moblogging is getting them to think outside the art room… I hope, and see how composition and elements of design play a part in much of our lives…. Getting them to use the technology in a positive way is great. Hehehe I have to say it is pretty cool that even though every one of my kids had their phones on them… I never heard one go off… unlike in staff meetings…. hmmmmm

Then… while my year 12s toiled on the last day of their folder presentation, I thought I would try the widget thing… and see if I could add my moblog link… and it worked.. yay. Might have to put more widget things on my other blogs…certainly makes for interesting reading…. and success….

I have to say thanks so much to the inspiring Sue Waters and her edublogger blog… always there to help 🙂

back to the grind…

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Posted May 29, 2008 by Suz Arnott in category cool tools

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