January 14

The new year… and new challenges

2008… what a journey 2007 was. My role this year has slightly changed…. with more emphasis on staff ICT support…. should be interesting, since I only have one session extra time allowance, and very little has changed from my previous responsibilities….. ahhh the challenges… all good fun…

I am going to set out some plans and guidelines for the ICT peer coaching I hope to get done this year more formally…. my leave has been a good break…. and now I have to get my head back into the eLearning phase….

More new staff to meet, new roles for other people….so I have a lot of catching up to do when I get back… ughhhh less than two weeks…. but here I am…. starting on my blog for this year…. and looking over the wiki again… to hopefully get that utilised more fully as a teaching aide for staff who need that extra push/support to get onboard.

I notice Moodle is still down… hopefully the techs can get that back online asap, so we can update courses etc. Still so much to explore… and make sure the infrastructure is working….so we can put all of this great knowledge into practice.

I would hope that with Tracey back onboard we may be able to develop and implement some better approaches to digital portfolios. Moodle has that facility….. it would be good to explore that further… particularly for the older students.

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