August 13

ahhhhhhh…some very cool tools

There are some awesome tools readily available to make sifting through all of the information on the WWW a little less of a huge job. is a social bookmarking site where you can store all of your favourites/bookmarks online, so you can access them regardless of what computer you are on. You can also use the tagging system to create a sorting system to find what you need. You can also search for similar tags other users may have created, thus widening your search for quality materials without the legwork.
Clip marks – awesome…. I posted the link below on ePortfolios through clipmarks. You can create “clippings”. These can be added to blogs as I have done here, and collected like a digital scrap book on your clip marks pages.

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Posted August 13, 2007 by Suz Arnott in category cool tools

1 thoughts on “ahhhhhhh…some very cool tools

  1. Mary Peterson

    I’ve been looking over your blog and I was wondering if you could answer a few short questions for an interview I have to do for one of my classes.

    1) How long have you been teaching?
    2) what is your area of certification? what are you teaching right now?
    3) have you created an electronic portfolio? what have you included and how have your presetned it to others?
    4) I read about you using a program called Moodle, what exactly was it used for in your school and what other programs have you used like it? I read that it wasn’t really working for your school, why and what did you use to replace it? How is that working for you?
    5) What is your favorite ICT ‘tool’?
    6) What does the increase of ICT use mean to your teaching?
    7) How do you find out about all these new tools?
    8) What are the various ICT tools you use and how do you use them?
    9) any advise for a teacher just starting out on how to better integrate technology into the classroom?

    Thanks for your time,
    Mary P.


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